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About me

Real name: Valerie Miller
Age: 14
Doller since: em... November 2004
Color -
Music -
Russian rock, Reggae, RnB
Film -
so many... From the latest - Phantom of the opera
Food -
Caesar salad...mmm...I'm lovin' it))
Book -
R.Bakh "Jonathan the seagull" K.Vonnegut "Cat's cradle"
Season -
Sport -
football rule!
Country -
City -
St. Petersburg
Quote -
It's Miller time!!
Words -
asshooole, totalitorism, blue moon, other i just can't translate lol^^

I like web-designing and drawing pixels, that's why i made the site. I am studying in the best school ever - "The school of cooperation" (don't laugh, that's real name).

My e-mail:
My ICQ: 262-170-207

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